Welcome to Ce Soir – an epicurean culinary concept from Fleursophy Group. Ce Soir is a presentation of everything beautiful in life – of flavours, flowers, freshness and fantasy. An immersive exhibition of alluring elegance beyond the realms of the ordinary.

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Arrive as guest,
leave as Kin

Arrive as guest, leave as Kin

From your moment of entry to your time of departure, Ce Soir promises a night to remember. Indulge in service reserved for nobility, yet with all the familiarity of a close friend. There is no feeling warmer than your dining experience at Ce Soir. 

A treat for the senses

Your journey begins with a step into the wonderful world of nature. Flowers of effervescent allurement spring up around you, creating an oasis of calm – your very own private paradise. A seasonal adornment of petals and fronds surround you – an inviting charm of wild mystique, a natural utopia.

The magic continues on each and every plate – with floral art adorning each course, each meal at Ce Soir is an homage to the colours and beauty of the natural artistry of the flower.

A journey of wonder and awe

Embark on a trip of the faculties – where your imagination runs free. Romance, joy and grandeur come together to bring you a sensation like no other. Leave the woes of the world behind as you enter a realm of pure delight.

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the Ce Soir experience?